Successful graduates of AlphaLogic Career College

AlphaLogic has exceeded my expectations. I was very nervous at the thought of going back to school, but the comfortable and relaxed environment here has made it easy. Everyone is very friendly and very encouraging. With smaller class sizes we are able to get more one on one time with instructors.
Rachelle M. August 2015
The training material is easy to follow. Instructors are very helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive.
Susan B. August 2015
I am very pleased with my overall outcome. Taylor and Cindy are amazing teachers!
Jessi B. August 2015
I came here to learn and enhance my computer skills. I’m pleased with amount of information I have learned in such a short amount of time. It’s hard to believe how much more I know today as compared to when I started. Taylor and Cindy are great supporters, they always take the time to walk me through what I have had challenges with. I never feel as though I’m a hindrance or a bother to them. I feel comfortable asking them anything I need to. All of the support I need for success has been given to me. This has been an enjoyable and stress-free experience.
Flavia C. Aug 2015
The atmosphere here is great!
Terry D. Aug 2015
Anytime that I need help the instructor is always there to help me. 10/10.
Justin R. March 2015
The instructors are Amazing! They are always available with help, assistance and a smile.
Jeana H. March 2014
What I have enjoyed the most would be the attention that each person receives individually. Also how the course load is paced, based on the persons need and comprehension.
Geoff A. March 2014
I liked the “Learn at Your Pace” feature so if you are well versed in a subject you can speed along.
Drew D. April 2013
AlphaLogic had a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with help readily available.
Ken L. December 2012
The flexibility and ability for students to work at their own pace was very important to me. All communication with respect to my time here was outstanding. I never felt like I had an unanswered question.
Paul M. July 2011
I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff at AlphaLogic. I started my program with very little computer experience; I am now competent enough with computer technology to gain employment in my field of expertise.
I looked upon going back to school and a career change as a positive goal in my life. Certainly not easy goal, but one made easier because of the wonderful staff at AlphaLogic. The staff is well trained, enthusiastic and professional in everything they do. They have given me something I am not sure I could have achieved on my own…a career.
George P.
On my first day at AlphaLogic Career I was full of apprehension, doubt and bewilderment. These feelings were replaced with curiosity, strength and determination. The staff always had time for the students and their questions. I would recommend AlphaLogic Career College to anyone looking to continue their education. It has been a wonderful learning experience for me. I have a powerful sense of pride and accomplishment. I addition I have the highest amount of respect for each one of the staff. I will never forget their never ending encouragement, kindness, patience and friendship.

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