Alphalogic Career College, understands that a post secondary education is a big investment. Our students may be eligible for the following financial options:

      • Interest Free Monthly Payment Plans
      • Crelogix–Extended Monthly Payment Plans
      • Bank Lines of Credit
      • Lifelong Learning Plans
      • Registered Education Savings Plans
      • Employment Ontario (Second Career, Skills Development)

Other programs are also available depending upon your circumstances. Call us or fill out the forms to see how AlphaLogic can help you find a way to fund your future.

Second Career Program

The Ontario Government has helped thousands of laid-off workers get back into the work force through an initiative called Second Career.
You may qualify for up to $28,000 for

      • Tuition
      • Books
      • Other Instruction costs such as manuals or workbooks
      • Transportation &
      • Basic living allowance

If you have been laid off from full time employment in the last 4 years, or are currently working less than 20 hours/week or are underemployed you may qualify. We encourage you to visit and Employment Ontario assessment centre for a full evaluation of the opportunity.

For more information about this opportunity please visit TCU.

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